Kennel Atomkraft
Hello, old and new Staffie friends!

After a period of enforced rest I take back my breeding program, now with my daughter Paloma as companion and partner.

Over the past two years here she has used her time to take all the tough training that is needed to conduct sound breeding. This and with the using of my experience, our feel and love for the breed I expect an excellent collaboration!

If I have not been seen for so much out is primarily due to health reasons, but my daughter has exhibited and been a part of things in which I myself have not been able, such as new materials, acquired abroad, she has had primary responsibility for.

So now Kennel Atomkraft is owned by me Carlo Nordin and daughter Paloma Dominguez.

Now we turn the page and continue our breeding!

The goal of our breeding of Staffordshire Bull Terrier is to breed a healthy dog in mind and body. A dog with social features up to date on how our society looks like and the requirements for adaptation needed when much of the dog population live in cities or in its vicinity, where they often co-exist on both rest rooms and recreation areas.

To give the dogs a better basis in order to function and thrive is important to us, to work to obtain the properties best suited to this adaptation. With that, I have the = high availability, low acuity, low social combativeness, steady, large capacity to resolve conflicts through play and fast avreaktionsförmåga.

They have properties well managed by a consistent dog owners who work to build a mutual trust with his Staff, developed a relationship of love and respect.

As regards the exterior, I would rather have a dog at 37-41 cm and 17-23 kg. A slight deviation from the breed standard that says up to 17 kg for males. It occurs to me most of the taste and it is the dimensions that are most viable in the exhibition. But that is not to say that I do not see the positive qualities that may appear in more dogs, it is typical of the rest.

Here I give an explanation of the phrase "low sharpness." By that I mean not a tough dog but a dog with a permanent nerve Constitution, friendly and peaceful as no teeth on all cylinders of small provocations or a disruption in the everyday environment. So a quiet and solid temperament.

We must not forget that mh-tests are designed for working dogs with all the desirable properties of such but in a companion SBT. It's good for a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd would be a disaster for a pet.